5 Reasons Why You Should Use Ceramic Bushes

25 July 2022

A wide range of components can be maximised to ensure that the surfaces of machines and tools do not slide against each other. One of these components is a bush.

Bushes, or bushings, are mechanical elements that can reduce the friction between two surfaces. Since the involved surfaces do not slide against each other anymore, they are expected to perform their respective functions more efficiently. Bushes may not only improve their efficiency, but they can also minimise vibration and noise that may be generated by the operations of machines and tools.

Many materials can be used to create bushes. But one material that can make bushes somehow excellent for most industrial applications is ceramic. If you are looking for the perfect bushes for your operation, here are some reasons you must opt for ceramic bushes.

1. Durable

One of the reasons why you must use ceramic bushes is they are durable. All materials have their own set of weaknesses. Ceramics, however, are known to resist more damaging elements than metals due to their very high hardness. So, when used for bushes, you can expect them to resist pressure and force. The durability of ceramic bushes also allows them to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, abrasion, corrosion, and other elements that can damage other types of bushes. This quality of ceramic bushes allows them to be useful in wet and chemically-corrosive surroundings.

2. Long-lasting

Another reason you should utilise ceramic bushes is they are long-lasting. Some types of bushes require frequent lubrication to ensure that they operate effectively. Ceramic bushes, alternatively, can operate without any lubrication as they do not micro-weld. Micro-welding often happens whenever the surface imperfections of these things generate an electric arc inside the machine or device. This process can then reduce the service life of the bushes. Ceramic bushes do not have this issue, making them compatible with applications that need a lubrication-free environment.

3. Efficient

Ceramic bushes are not only durable and long-lasting, but they are also efficient. Ceramic bushes have low density, which provides them significant improvements over their operations. This quality of ceramic bushes is caused by low centripetal forces and reduced friction.

4. Support

One more reason ceramic bushes can be good for you is they can provide great support to electrical-related applications. Most ceramics lack free electrons in their system. This quality makes them non-magnetic as well as excellent insulators. So, for high-temperature applications, ceramic bushings can effectively be utilised as antennae insulators to support grids, rods, and wires in ovens. They can also be utilised as wire guides in high-voltage electrical equipment pieces.

5. Appealing

The appeal of bushings may not affect the performance of specific devices and tools. However, it can somehow enhance their overall look and appeal to industries that will use them. Ceramic bushes, fortunately, can attain smooth and polished surfaces, which may be ideal for specific applications.

Many industries can maximise ceramic bushes. Some of these industries include electronics, automotive, industrial electric furnaces, and other related industries.

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