A List of Equipment Used by Amon Engineering in Manufacturing Precise Parts

25 May 2022

Many industries rely on manufacturers to obtain their needed parts and products. Some of these industries include chemical, aerospace, medical, mining, material handling, food processing, steel manufacturing, and defence industries.

One thing that is common among these industries is they require strong and long-lasting products. Without hiring the best manufacturer in the business, they might end up acquiring parts that are not durable and reliable. They might even produce products that pose safety risks to their users and clients. To prevent these things from happening, they should only hire a manufacturer that is capable of producing parts out of appropriate equipment pieces.

We, at Amon Engineering, prioritise the welfare of these industries. Hence, we invest in an extensive assortment of machinery to allow us to complete various types of projects. Here are some of the equipment pieces that we use in manufacturing precise parts.

CNC Milling Machines

CNC milling machines are automated machines that utilise software in controlling the movement and operation of cutting tools. These cutting tools are designed to remove materials from a workpiece to generate the needed parts and products for businesses. Since their process is automated, CNC milling machines are most notable for their great precision, intense replicability, and low labour costs. They can likewise process workpieces out of metals and plastics.

CNC Turning Machines

Similar to CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines also rely on software in controlling the movement of their components. CNC turning machines normally rotate the workpieces that are held in a chuck while they are fed to the machine tool. The interaction between them allows the removal of materials from the workpiece to come up with the needed products or components. These machines are very useful in manufacturing cylindrical parts.

EDM Machines

Amon Engineering does not only maximise CNC milling and CNC turning machines, but we also make use of EDM machines. EDM or electrical discharge machining is a metal fabrication process wherein electrical discharges or sparks are utilised in crafting the desired shape of an object. As the sparks interact with the workpieces, some of their parts are removed, producing the needed parts or products for businesses. These machines are highly effective in processing hard metals.

Cylindrical and Surface Grinders

Cylindrical grinders are tools that can be utilised for the precision grinding of end faces, outer circles, and conical faces of shaft components. Our cylindrical grinders can be very useful in machining parts of automobile, military, aerospace, and general precision machining workshops. Surface grinders, on the other hand, operate by rotating the grinding wheel towards the workpieces. This interaction allows the workpieces to attain their needed flatness.

Saws and Lathes

Saws and lathes are tools that can be helpful in manufacturing products out of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and even wood. Saws are tools that feature tough blades, wires, or chains with hard toothed edges. These tools are placed against the workpieces and moved back and forth to cut and divide workpieces into smaller parts. Lathes, alternatively, rotate the workpieces while the tools machine them. Some processes that lathes can carry out are cutting, sanding, drilling, boring, and turning.

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