CNC Milling Service and Process

06 November 2020

In utilising computer numerical control (CNC) machining, there is one specific process that is deemed useful in various applications. This is CNC milling service. CNC milling is a machining process that is more popularly identified through its use of rotary cutters in material removal processes. This is made possible by one important element, the necessary machinery called milling machine.

As any other CNC machining processes, CNC milling are categorised into different types. These types are indicated by the attached routers and their respective tool orientation. The tools in the routers of CNC milling could be horizontal, vertical or universal. The special type of CNC milling, on the other hand, have types that are either circular, copiers, gantry or mobile bridge. They are identified by the number of axes in their routers, specifically – three, four or five axis.

Below are the CNC milling service and its processes to better understand its benefits.

The CNC milling service and processes can employ different operations based on function. Most of these operations are identified through how the cut certain workpieces.

End Milling: This particular CNC milling process is distinguished through its tool mill capability. Its tool mill can make peripheral and slot cuts across the given workpiece.

Chamfer Milling: The tool mill for chamfer milling is distinct because it makes a cut along of the work-piece to create a 45 degree angled.

Face Milling: Face milling is different because the machine is positioned to work in a flat surface of the workpiece to create a smooth finish.

Other Milling Processes: Other operations are drilling, boring, counter boring, countersinking, tapping and reaming.

CNC Milling Service and Process Advantages

Like any other CNC machining service and process, CNC milling also has its corresponding benefits and drawbacks. For one, there is an abundance of workpieces for this specific process. Many materials are compatible with this process. Aside from that, CNC milling is also proven to have very good tolerances. It is also a quick process, so milling has short lead times.

CNC Milling Service and Process Disadvantages

It is often important to disclose the drawbacks of a certain type of CNC machining in order to determine if the process is suitable for your expected results. If you remain unaware of the disadvantages of CNC milling services and processes, then you are bound to have a poor quality end product or worse, damages and injuries due to lack of knowledge with the machinery. For CNC milling, it tends to produce a lot of waste product so be sure to operate accordingly. Aside from that, the complexity and characteristics of final pieces are limited. Also, to acquire a piece maybe needed several operations, tools and machine. Lastly, the basic equipment required for this process is a high equipment.

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