Homogenizer Spare and Wear Replacement Parts Manufacturer in Victoria

22 November 2019

When an industrious homogenizer is pressed into action, difficult to control fluid energies are engaged. There’s turbulence fighting the process. Fluid compressibility issues are also trying to hobble the entire operation. Fortunately, made of tough stainless steels and abrasion-resistant ceramics, the machinery is almost immune to parts fatigue. Almost, however, isn’t quite enough of a product guarantee. Inevitably, those equipment components will age until the homogenization process suffers.

Use Victoria-Sourced Spare Parts

That is surely the case, the parts should be purchased from a local supplier, if at all possible. If the equipment is maintaining its piston stroke and mixing action, yet the resulting fluid blend isn’t being correctly homogenized, then the ceramic pistons carrying out the dynamically active reciprocating stroke may just need a little bit of maintenance. However, what if that maintenance work reveals a more distressing issue? There are maybe grains, abrasive bits in the mix, or perhaps the fluids contain an acid-base, something that’s really chemically harsh. Either way, premature wear is going to take place when such abrasive fluids are processed. If these substances are left work their caustic influence on the working parts of a homogenizer, well, some system downtime is inevitable, unfortunately.

Stock Locally Supplied Replacement Parts

In truth, what’s happening has nothing to do with luck? With a tightly run maintenance program ongoing, Victoria-located homogenizer operations can make a decision; they can decide to keep spare parts on-hand. For example, the pistons on a machine might not be running smoothly anymore. There’s an unacceptable amount of “play” taking place during each piston stroke. There’s noise being generated as well, which becomes frictional heat. Additionally, the leading edges of the ceramic rods are rounded and worn. If an attentive maintenance technician identifies the problem, pulling in a replacement part is a breeze. The worn rods are swapped out before they pull the whole operation to a grinding halt, and the replacement ceramic pistons take their place. Pistons, bushings, washers and impact heads, too, they’re all readily available locally.

By locally, we’re referring to Victoria and the surrounding area, although the parts can be quickly shipped to other regions as soon as an order is confirmed. For food processing, for maintenance-conscious dairy and juice companies, such a safety net should be incorporated as a downtime prevention measure. Even more importantly, however, for pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications, homogenization services must operate optimally at all times. If a performance falloff occurs in one of these mix-sensitive industries, parts fidelity issues must be addressed immediately, for medicines and chemicals should never be homogenized incorrectly.

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