What is Wire EDM and Its Benefits in Machining Projects?

29 June 2020

Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is considered as one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to machine hard and electrically conductive materials. Wire EDM provides accuracy in creating part shapes better than most machining projects. Wire EDM is also recommended for machining hard and challenging materials that are electrically conductive. That is why most people opt for wire EDM as a machining method due to its higher accuracy and money-saving benefits. Below are the benefits of wire EDM in machining projects.

Wire EDM Has No Impact Cutting

Most hard machining processes leave hard materials under intense processing methods. These intense processing methods place the tools under great force and impact to cut them into their desired shape. This particular method can have its downsides since the impact produces stress that distorts the material during the cutting process and it significantly increase the wearing out of the tools. This renders traditional machining of delicate parts extremely inconvenient and challenging. Using a wire EDM is the best way to machine hard, brittle and fragile materials without the tendency for impacts and stresses, just as long as they are electrically conductive.

Wire EDM Easily Cuts Complex Shapes

Due to the utilisation of electrical discharges through a fine wire, the wire EDM process enables a precise cutting of shapes without hassle even with the hardest or most fragile materials. The wire used can create different shapes no matter how intricate they are. Even the tiniest contours and holes can be created without further heating, softening and hardening.

Wire EDM Can Handle High Tolerances

Since wire EDM imparts no forces in its machining, it is highly capable of handling tolerances for precise dimensions and accurate fit. It is no longer required to undergo further processing and finishing of parts after machining. Indeed, it is more accurate than laser, flame cut or plasma.

Wire EDM Enables Fast Machining

There is definitely a shorter lead time for wire EDM projects once it is done by an experienced and professional machining engineer. So if you are in a rush machining project, wire EDM is the recommended machining method for you. It can be done in a single-step processing, thus saving money and time along the way.

Wire EDM Promotes Time and Money Savings

As mentioned above, the precision and accuracy of wire EDM enables the production of better dies and moulds with a cheaper cost. Since you can machine any electrically conductive material – no matter how hard or fragile – in the quickest way possible with a single process, you can save both money and time. There is also less waste produced and no heat treatment necessary so the cleanup can be reduced to a minimum.

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